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    To help you make your decision about which therapist to select, I offer these first three pages of my website.  Below you will find some comments about my approach.  The next page outlines some of my credentials, and the third page answers some of the questions you may have about the process of therapy.  Other features of my practice are covered on susequent pages, listed in the sidebar to the right.

     My approach to therapy is grounded in my experience, clinical and academic.  I view a person's environment as critical to their emotional state.  I combine this traditional approach with energy psychology techniques such as EFT (the tapping solution) and other energy-focused technologies.  My style is ecletic, supportive and gently directive, but above all, respectful.

     I help people discover and eliminate destructive personal and interpersonal patterns, make difficult life decisions and find paths to greater fufillment.  I see emotional pain as a signal that we are ready to grow but don't know exactly how.  Therapy can sometimes point the way.

     Henry David Thoreau said: "It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak and one to hear."  I hope that by being the "one to hear" I will have the privledge of enabling you to speak your own truth and enrich your life.

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  • "Working with Ellen has been a joy. She has such empathy and a wonderfully non-judgemental understanding of human nature and people. I highly recommend her services to anyone."
    Patricia Crisp
    Naturopath at Discovering Wellness LLC
  • "Not only did they not rush my appointment, they even let me talk past my scheduled appointment time to make sure I was able to say everything I needed. One thing I appreciated a..."


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